Types of residential roofing

Different types of residental roofing

There are plenty of residental roofing types to choose from. And of course many things to take into consideration , like your budget, maintenance and durability.  One of the most common roof material is metal. There’s no wonder why, as it’s extremely durable and most home owners won’t have to re-roof ever again. There is a large variety of metals and all fireproof. Not to mention that metal roof will look good for a long time.

Keep in mind though, that it’s rather expensive solution. You may also think about slate tiles for a roof. Slate roofing looks particulary beautiful and classy. Because it’s natural stone, slate is durable and practically maintenance free. Sadly, it’s also very expensive option and not every house can have a slate roof- because it’s heavy material. The installation is very complex and experienced contractor is necessary.

More material options for your roof

A non-popular option is rubber roofing. There are two types: EPDM and TPO. First one is very affordable, installation is quick and easy. The material is longlasting and doesn’t require much maintenance. Also repairs are not problematic. Not to mention that EPDM is energy efficent and resistent to many factors! TPO costs less than EPDM and is white, which means that it reflects sun better. But the quality is slighlty worse overall. If you want more vintage look, you should opt for wood shake roofing. It differs form shingles, because shake is a split wood, not sawn.

This roof is energy efficent and looks stunning! But it requires a lot of maintenance, because it’s natural wood. It also isn’t cheap. Finally, shingle roofing. There are a lot of options on the market. Asphalt, wood, metal – anything you could wish for. Depening on the material prices may vary, along with pros and cons. But everyone is sure to find the perfect roofing.

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