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Well, our company name didn’t come from nothing. Our roofing contractors are trained in both commercial and residential roofing. Shingle roofing, metal roofing, wood shake roofing and many other roofing types have no secrets from us.

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Your roof is an investment in your home or business. For the best roofing contractors in the area, look no further than Unlimited Roofing Solution. Our years of experience have allowed us to see it all! We have to know how to install any style of roof for your home or business. Our roofing contractors are highly trained and experienced and provide the best of roofing services, guaranteed.

When you choose Unlimited Roofing Solution, we guarantee that your roof will last year for many years. If you are looking for a roofing company you can trust, your search is at its end. Contact us for an estimate and to discuss our process!

Roofing contractors Naperville offer roofing installation types that suit your needs

Metal roofing

Metal roofing is a popular and durable roofing type for both residential and commercial roofs in Naperville. Choose this energy efficient, eco-friendly roofing type for your home.

Flat roofing

Flat roofing is a special skill, and we are proud to be roofing contractors Naperville business owners can trust with their flat roofs. Flat roofs also offer easy access.

Rubber roofing

We are one of the roofing companies Naperville turns to for TPO and EPDM rubber roofing options. This protects flat roofs and sloped roofs alike from water.

Slate roofing

Slate roofing is a beautiful natural wood option for your home. It is often more expensive than other roofing options, but can last for a longer period of time.

Shingle roofing

Shingle roofing is the most popular type of roofing available. Many roofing companies Naperville homeowners depend on can install this type, and we are glad to be among their ranks.

Wood shake roofing

Wood shakes are similar to shingles but offer a more rustic look. They are durable and available in a wide variety of wood types, the most popular being cedar.

Why Choose Unlimited Roofing Solution

Highest Quality Roofing Services in Naperville and Aurora

Unlimited Roofing Solution prides ourselves on offering only the best quality roofing services in Aurora and Naperville area. Each of our high quality roofing contractors is experienced and knows how to perform every roofing service from beginning to end. We are trained to provide roofing solutions that fit your needs above all else.

Aurora’s Trusted and Most Reliable Roofing Contractors

At Unlimited Roofing Solution, our roofing team has served customers in the area for many years. Through our years of experience, we have learned to identify and meet each client’s roofing needs. This is how we became known as one of the most reliable roofing companies around. Our roofs are high quality, water-tight, and durable. For a roofing company in Aurora or Naperville that will provide an amazing roof, look no further.

One of the Best Roofing Companies in Aurora and Naperville

There are many amazing roofing companies in Chicago, but few can match the quality you will find when you hire Unlimited Roofing Solution. Our primary goal is your satisfaction and the installation of the highest quality roof we can manage. When we are finished with your roof, we guarantee it will stand up against the craziness that is Chicago weather. For the best quality roof, contact Unlimited Roofing Solution. Our customers love us and we know you will too!

Testimonials of Unlimited Roofing Solution

We love our new roof provided to us by Unlimited Roofing Solution! The staff was incredibly friendly, and they cleaned up our yard as they left so our home looks as good as new. They provided the job well within the estimated timeframe, unlike previous roofers we’ve hired who have dragged the job out for ages. Our roof looks amazing and I cannot thank them enough!
Cara J.


Unlimited Roofing Solution is amazing! After getting the quote and deciding to work with them (what an affordable quote it was!) the job proceeded quite quickly. We didn’t have to wait long until we had a new roof and no more leaks! They stayed within the budget and even finished early. If that’s not stellar service, I don’t know what is!
Jacob B.


The roofing contractors who arrived at our house with Unlimited Roofing Solution were incredibly friendly and polite. They were happy to answer questions and they cleaned up after themselves. I never returned home to a disaster area, which was much appreciated. They were reliable and prompt. I am so happy I chose them to install our roof. If you are looking for a roofing company, I cannot recommend them more highly.
James W.

Unlimited Roofing Solution provides a wide range of roofing services

Unlimited Roofing Solution Aurora & Naperville

Our customers appreciate our roofing work!

Our customers love our work! It’s no doubt that out of the many roofing companies Naperville and Aurora homeowners love and trust, Unlimited Roofing Solution tops the list. We know you won’t just take our word for it, which is why we encourage you to check out our many positive reviews. We are considered a highly reliable roofing company staffed with skilled and experienced roofing contractors. Our roofing experience is unlimited, whether you are seeking repairs or new installations.

We offer our services at highly competitive rates. You will be hard pressed to find a roofing company that offers as high quality of work as we do for such a low rate. Roofing services are an investment that should last you several years, so the decisions can be stressful. We are here to serve you! We will always provide honest quotes and estimate of time frames. If you are interested in hiring Unlimited Roofing Solution for your Aurora or Naperville roofing job, give us a call!

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