Things You Should Know Before Buying Aluminum Gutters

Aluminum is a popular option for gutters.  Its durability and affordability make it a smart choice for many homeowners, especially those living in areas with high winds or flying debris. It doesn’t perform as well under these conditions as stainless steel, but if your home doesn’t face such extreme weather conditions, you’ll probably be more than happy with an aluminum gutter system.

Aluminum gutters are lightweight, inexpensive, and will never rust. They are available in a variety of colors and styles, including seamless shapes that can be bent into any curve desired. Extra-wide aluminum gutters are also available for commercial buildings and other large structures. Such a product can easily last more than twenty years in any climate and will not need to be replaced unless damaged by extreme weather conditions or vandalism.

To get the most out of your aluminum gutter purchase, we recommend that you buy primary aluminum gutters that are at least .032 inches thick. Thinner gutters won’t last as long, and recycled aluminum may be inconsistent in its thickness.

Aluminum gutters Schaumburg come in five- or six-inch widths. Most houses use the five-inch variety, but the six-inch version accommodates more water before overflowing.  However, the size of the gutter board must be increased to handle the larger gutter.

Aluminum is not a rust-prone metal, but it can corrode if not treated properly. Aluminum should never be placed in direct contact with another metal, as this can lead to electrolysis. This is why aluminum gutters are generally surface-coated or chemically treated to increase their lifespan.

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