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If you're concerned about or are tired of your air conditioning unit breaking down all the time, you can call Tem Control's Palatine-based HVAC contractors now. When it comes to professional and efficient air conditioning service at Palatine, we are your best bet as, unlike the competition, we are dedicated to going the extra mile to make you feel more than satisfied: to feel like there is a company that cares about your well-being.


Step 1: Call Us Or Send A Quote

You can contact our contractors - either by phone or online - and give complete information regarding what is happening with your HVAC or AC system. We will provide you with an initial quote for the ac repair work, at the same time that we will contact our experts for advice and thus provide you with a fair rate.

Step 2: Quote Approval

Before proceeding with any work, we look forward to receiving your approval with the air conditioning repair quote. After receiving confirmation, we will discuss with you the possible requests and further steps needed to complete the project.

Step 3: Discuss The Details And Arrival Date With Us

It is essential that the different details regarding the service of your air conditioning are discussed in order not only to agree on a specific day to start the work but also to prepare our work team with the tools and materials necessary to carry them out.

Step 4: Enjoy Properly Working Air Conditioner

Our work team will focus on providing you with the best air conditioning installation, repair or maintenance service in the shortest possible time, all in order for you to enjoy a relaxing and refreshing environment at home (especially during the summer season).


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