Spring Checklist for Your Roofing

Learn how to keep your roofing cleaned off after the winter season ends

With summer coming up, you might be excited for your roofing to finally catch a break. No more showers and harsh weather means it’s a great time to take a look up there and make sure everything is up to par. Take advantage of these sunny days to do some regular maintenance and cleaning with our handy checklist.

Gutter Cleaning

After a long winter, your gutters are probably filled with all kinds of debris and junk. Leaves, twigs, dirt, and other debris can easily block up your gutters, preventing them from draining water properly. Clean them out and take special care to check for damage to your gutters. Look for sagging, separation, or pulling away from the roof. Contact professional roofing contractors in Joliet  if you see any significant damage.

Look For Loose Shingles or Flashing

With the storms of winter gone, it’s finally safe to go up on your roof and check for any roofing damage. Check for gaps between your shingles and see if any of them have come loose. Make sure your flashing is properly fitted in place, as well since these types of damage essentially destroy your roof’s water-resistant properties.

Trim Overhanging Branches

As expert roofing companies Joliet can tell you, branches hanging over your roof are a disaster waiting to happen. Once winter hits, these branches can become battering rams assaulting your roof. Contact a local roofing company in Joliet  for advice on how to proceed with trimming these branches away from your home.

Check Your Attic Interior

An element of roof inspection which even some roofing companies in Joliet miss, your attic’s interior can be a great indicator of damaged roofing. Look for water damage or mold, since these can be dead giveaways for roofing damage. If you find any warning signs, contact local roofing contractors in Joliet, IL so they can get things repaired right away!

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