Pros & Cons of Shingle Roofing

Important things to know about the different types of shingles before choosing a roof for your home

Shingles are the most common type of residential roofing material used by roofing companies in Chicago. Generally, asphalt is the most popular material for shingle roofing, and it isn't popular without a reason. Even though there are several other types of roofing materials available, asphalt is most commonly chosen for homes. Asphalt shingles are lightweight, affordable, and easy to work with.

If you are considering asphalt shingle roofing for you house, ask your roof installation company about their benefits, but also their downsides. Only then will you be able to make an informed decision.

Pros of Shingle Roofing

  • Asphalt shingle is the most affordable material available for roofing
  • Shingle roofing works best structures that have a steep slope
  • Shingle roofing is versatile, easy to cut and fit, and can be used for a wide range of homes
  • Shingle roofing is low maintenance, and not easily damaged from being walked on
  • Asphalt shingles are extremely lightweight, and come in a variety sizes, colors, and prices
  • When using shingles, repairs become easier because they can be taken out individually
  • Most shingle roofing comes with fire protection

Cons of Shingle Roofing

  • Wind is the biggest enemy of shingle roofing – they are easily broken off and blown away by strong winds
  • Asphalt shingles tend to trap heat, and also suffer heat damage
  • Asphalt shingles also tend to grow mildew
  • Single roofing made from asphalt don't last too long; metal and slate last much longer

Shingle roofing is convenient, cost-effective, versatile, and can be used for all kinds of homes. Although affordable, asphalt shingles aren't long lasting. If you want the maximum return on investment from your roof, ask your roofing company to pick a stronger material, such as metal or slate. These materials aren't as affordable as asphalt, but they are stronger, aren't easily damaged, and will last longer which is better for a plethora of reasons.

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