Masonry Contractors in Chicago | Voytec Tuckpointing Service

Do you see missing mortar between your brick, stone, block, or other masonry surfaces? Call Voytec Masonry Contractors in Chicago for all your masonry needs.

We have years of experience in the business of professional brickwork and tuckpointing.

Tuckpointing repair requires removing the old mortar joints and replacing them with new mortar that matches the existing brickwork. By using two different colors of mortar, we can obtain a perfect match. It is essential not to ignore repairing the deteriorated mortar as water and pest damage can lead to expensive structural repair in the future.

A vulnerable spot often overlooked in your house is the chimney.  When the mortar starts to crumble and fall out due to too many years of Chicago freezing and thawing, the chimney becomes unstable, and your chimney could fall. Voytec Masonry Contractors can save you a chimney rebuild. Call us today.

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