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Signs That Your Building May Need Masonry Repair

  • Although bricks are sturdy and meant to last for years, the mortar between them will weaken over time and deteriorate from moisture or even separate and fall off altogether.  The best masonry repair to remedy this problem is tuckpointing.
  • Frost boil can occur when moist, frozen earth expands and pushes against your building’s foundation, possibly weakening it structurally.  This often requires a time-consuming and complicated masonry repair process.
  • Another common problem, caused by downward pressure from the bricks above it, is that of bowed bricks.  This also requires a good amount of tuckpointing.  The best solution is masonry repair by brick contractors. Prepare yourself, the job will be quite extensive.
  • Even when the exterior of a building appears to be in good condition, the inside of it may not be.  If you power wash the outside of your Chicago building, you will discover invisible cracks which can be repaired by local masonry contractors before further damage occurs.
  • Visible cracks in your masonry are easy to spot.  Any cracks could potentially be hazardous to your building’s structural integrity if just the wrong circumstances occur.  You can power wash your masonry building in Chicago to discover invisible cracks. 

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