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Commercial Roof Installation & Re-roofing Services

ACA Roofing performs high quality roofing installation and reroofing services. Here at ACA, only the highest quality materials are used, guaranteeing you the best possible roof. Our staff is highly skilled and we are fully licensed. Your roof is our priority, and we perform the roofing jobs quickly, efficiently, and affordably! To make the process even more affordable, we offer a free estimate for our roofing services.

Flat Roofing

Most flat roofing systems are located above multistory buildings. A flat roof is, as it sounds, flat, or level, rather than sloped. There are a wide variety of flat roof systems available including green roof systems, liquid waterproofing systems, single ply waterproofing systems, and bituminous waterproofing systems. Different roofing systems are better in different situations, so ACA is happy to assist you in making the best decision for your roof.

Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing systems can consist of standing seam, built up systems, composite panels, or profiled single skin. Metal roofs can last decades, and it can withstand high winds, seals out water, and is fire resistant. It also easily sheds snow, making it perfect for Chicago’s inclement weather. It can be installed quickly and easily and compared to other roofing types, metal roofing is lightweight. ACA is happy to advise you!

Rubber Roofing

ACA also offers rubber roofing. One common form of rubber roofing is EPDM Roofing, which is ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber. Another common form is TPO, or thermoplastic polyolefin. Both are rubber roofing forms. EPDM is often used on low slope or flat roofs. It’s a synthetic rubber, black in color. TPO is white in color. Both are strong roofing options. ACA can help determine which is best for you.

At ACA Roofing Companies Chicago we hire only qualified and experienced roofing contractors to perform only highest quality roofing services

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