When it’s time for roof replacement or just repair?

Roof repairs to tackle small damage

Seeing some damage to the covering, you start wondering, whether repair will be sufficient or rather you should prepare yourself for a roof replacement. The former can be done in a pinch the latter is serious investment but nevertheless sometimes inevitable. How to differentiate between the two. If your roofing is pretty new (that distinction depends on the type of material applied), doesn’t have structural problem and haven’t sustained any serious damage then roof repair might do the trick. There are however, several situations, which require brand new roof installation.

One of the most serious ones is sagging as it shows that you not only have problem with covering but also with the structure – frame and all. So no amount of fixing will help with that. Another important factor that may indicate the need for replacement is age.

Professional inspection to determine whether you need roof replacement

By itself, age of covering won’t tell you much but that knowledge paired with type of roofing material may prove invaluable as each product has different life expectancy. So if it nears its expiration date it’s good to have it inspected by professional roofing contractors. It doesn’t automatically mean that you have to replace the roof but you should definitely be ready for such development.

On the other hand, when you see light getting into your attic directly through the decking then it’s a high time to shop for a new roof and soon, before you’ll end up with leaks. If you don’t see the light but there are telltale signs of moisture in shape of water stains, black marks on the insulation or mold then it also may indicate the need for roof replacement. Nevertheless, no matter what is your problem, contact good local roofers, who perform professional roof inspection and will be able to address the issue in the most appropriate way.

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