Tips For Choosing The Right Demolition Contractors Chicago, IL

When it is time to get your building demolished, going with a professional is always the smart choice. Safety concerns, environmental impacts and clean up are always factors to consider. Don’t let the chaos of a disorganized demo ruin your site. Call a professional and get the job done right.

ASK FOR AN ESTIMATE: Money is always a factor. Before deciding to hire a demolition contractor, ask about estimates. And don’t just get just one estimate. Shop around.

CHECK IF THE COMPANY HAS A TRACK RECORD OF COMPLETING PROJECTS ON TIME: Time waits for no one and if you need your demolition done quickly, knowing the contractors timeframe is crucial. Get a firm timeframe and get it in writing.

LOOK FOR THE EXPERIENCED ONE: Find demolition contractors in Chicago that know what they are doing and have a proven track record of doing the job correctly and professionally.

CHECK FOR WARNINGS, CITATIONS, OR VIOLATIONS: A good record of compliance is key to knowing you picked the right contractor. Check for issues they have with local and federal agencies.

TALK TO THE PAST CLIENTS: Word of mouth is a great way to advertise, and an even better way to know if a contractor is quality, or shady. Talk to previous clients and get the inside scoop.

ANALYSE THE SAFETY RECORD: You don’t want to work with anyone who doesn’t champion safety. They put everyone around them, and you, at risk. Look up past incidents. 

MAKE SURE THE CONTRACTOR IS BONDED, LICENSED AND INSURED: Demolition is dangerous. Knowing that your contractor not only went trhogu the rigorous steps for licensing and bonding is important, but also that they carry the best insurance is critical. 

FIND OUT IF THEY HAVE UPDATED EQUIPMENT: Just having a solid crew isn’t enough. This isn’t the Flintstones. They also should have the most updated equipment for safety and efficiency.

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