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Siding Elmhurst for your business - why choose?

There is only one choice in Elmhurst for siding installation or repairs. Buzz Siding Contractors Elmhurst has been serving the area for years and has the most experienced and skilled contractors on hand. Whether it be wood or vinyl, exterior siding plays a crucial role in keeping your investment safe and dry and free from critters, mold, and mildew. With new advances in the siding industry, you can be sure you are getting 100% protection with new wood or vinyl siding. Buzz offers a 70-year warranty against decay and a 15-year warranty against peeling cracking and blistering paint. Installing new siding on your building increases your property’s value and makes it look more attractive. Siding also reduces your energy cost by keeping your Interiors cool or warm all year round. If you are unsure of your present siding state, contractors in Elmhurst, we can come out and evaluate your situation. 


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