Paving Company in Kenosha | GPS Driveway Sealcoating

Seal coating not only improves the outlook of your home but also helps to maintain your parking lot. This coat is applied on top of the asphalt to keep it away from typical destructive elements. You can save the extra coats used in repairing through seal coating.

It safeguards your assets from snow, ice, salt, and sunlight. Sealcoat also guards your asphalt against risky chemicals like oil and gas. Besides adding an attractive black finish on your asphalt, seal coating makes the process of cleaning and sweeping easy.

Unlike asphalt paving companies in Kenosha, seal coating is much cheaper, but most people don’t realize this. You can invest in seal coating to have durable asphalt. This helps you to save more money eventually. Garelli Pavement Service has dedicated itself to striping and seal coating for more than 25 years. We offer high-quality services and products at affordable rates.


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